Welcome to my BABY SHOWER

My shower was a collaboration by  my mother, 
2 sisters, and 2 sister-in-laws.
As hard as I tried, I could not get any details before hand, 
not even by sneaking and trying to listen in on phone conversations.
They REALLY surprised me!! 

Here are some pictures.  
I'm not great at working in the Photoshop program,
so please forgive the less than great image quality :-) 

A picture of  PART of the crowd, 
there were about 25 people there total.

Shown here (left to right): 
Krystal, Mom-mom, Kim, Annabella, & Rosemary. Bridget is down in front.

This is Kim, Annabella, Rosemary, and Dottie

Me receiving a stuffed hippo music box. One of my favorite kind of "stuffies".  
This was one of many gifts in a full diaper bag from Marcie & Sierra.

Opening a "task completion" toy from Bridget.
Sesame Street Stacking Cups
Again, only one of the many gifts from the
Cole family.

The all-in-one playpen, bassinet, & changing table
A gift from Mom Gisin.
These contraptions that have everything!!

The beautiful handmade quilt from 
Aunt Wish and Uncle Bob.
We were so glad they were visiting 
from Michigan
and could attend this special event!!

Little Ducky Bath Wrap, gift came complete with rubber ducky for the tub!!
This was  gift from my co-worker, Lauren.

There will be more baby shower pictures soon, 
I am still waiting for a roll of film.

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