Pregnancy Progress

Conception  --  Sometime in the last two weeks of October

Found out I was expecting 
on November 2nd, 2000
Look at that tiny little belly!!!
Won't stay like that for long!!

Dr. Confirmed  --  1st with blood work and Ultrasound at 5 weeks
First heard Heart Beat  --  12 weeks, on January 11, 2001; was
160 BPM and doctor found it right away.  Very strong and healthy.

2nd Ultrasound  --  February 21, 2001; found out the  baby is a
BOY!!!  (at least 90% sure, he wasn't being too cooperative ;-)

First movements felt  --  Mommy felt first movements on Feb. 23 while on vacation in Florida. Last Disney trip without a baby for awhile.  Daddy didn't feel movements until Mar. 3rd, 2001

March 25th 2001 marks the halfway point of my pregnancy!!  
At 20 weeks, look how much I've grown.

Little Musician
  --  Started playing music for baby in-utero.  Listens to "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith (a song of sentimental value to his Daddy and I)

Start Birthing Classes
  --  April 17th, 2001; right after the start of third trimester.

Easter Sunday, April 15th 2001 marks the beginning of my third trimester at 27 weeks.  The other pink outfit I had no longer fits, so I had to buy a maternity one.  

Second sonogram  --  May 1st, 2001 shows us everything is growing just fine with our baby.


Completed Birthing Classes  --  May 22nd, 2001 with eight more weeks of pregnancy to go.  Learned many helpful relaxation techniques (that we'll probably forget when it comes time to use them :-)

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