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April 17th, 2001
   Started our childbirth classes today.  Mostly the same stuff you learn in High school child development courses, only with more graphic videos.  Vick was a good sport about going, thought he might even learn something :-)  Will meet every Tuesday for 6 weeks .  
April 21st, 2001
  Today Vick and I celebrate our one year anniversary.  And what a year it has been!!  It is also Sebastian's cousin Stacelynn's  birthday.  We go to her house for the party.
April 26th, 2001
     Doctor appointment today says I am measuring two centimeters smaller than what corresponds with my due date.  She has scheduled another ultrasound to be sure  everything is growing correctly.  Didn't seem very worried, said his heartbeat was strong and my weight gain was fine. It might just mean I'm having a small baby, which is fine with me :-)
May 1st, 2001
     Ultrasound today showed baby looks fine and is growing right on target for my time. (29 wks, 2 days)  Won't hear back from the doctor until tomorrow, but the technician that did it said everything looks great.  Got some great facial pictures this time.  A first profile of little Sebastian.
May 4-6th, 2001
     Vick and I went to New York for our anniversary.  Went to see Seussical the Musical and Cirque du Soliel "Dralion"  while we were there, and spent one evening at Caroline's Comedy Club.  All together had a GREAT time.
May 13th, 2001
      HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to ME!!!!!  My very first mother's day.  Vick got me a beautiful gold watch and a stuffed teddy bear music box.  Just think, this time next year I'll have a beautiful little boy to celebrate with me.
May 17th, 2001
     Last of the monthly dr. appointments today.  After this I'll go every two weeks.  Dr. confirmed everything is fine with little Sebastian.  
May 22nd, 2001 
     Last of the child birth classes.  Hope we will remember all the relaxation techniques during labor.  It was fun getting to know the other couples.  We will have a reunion meeting in October with all the couples and their new babies.  
 May 24th, 2001 
   SURPRISE!!!!  WOW, was I ever surprised at my baby shower!!!!  Vick took me out for dinner, and I returned to my house to find it full of my family and friends.  It was wonderful and Vick and I got so much stuff for Sebastian!   Now there is really nothing left to do but wait.
May 27th, 2001
     Memorial Day.  I spent the day (5/27) in Frederick with my family.  Had dinner at my Aunt Judy's, then had a surprise graduation dinner for Shelley and Abe.  They are moving to Indiana and were home in MD for a few weeks.  Nice to get to spend some time with them and Sequoia before they move away again.  Sequoia is growing so fast.  It just makes me want Sebastian here so much more.     
May 28th, 2001 
     Vick and I went to his Dad's house for lunch and enjoyed spending time and talking with his Aunt Wish and Uncle Bob who were visiting from Michigan (We don't get to see them often)  Had my family and friends Chuck and Shell over to our house in the evening for steamed crabs and shrimp.  Lots of food and fun.  I stuffed myself!!
May 31st, 2001 
     Another doctor appointment today.   Gained a bit more weight this time, for a total gain of 28 pounds so far.  Not too bad I guess.  Again, everything looks fine.  Only have six and a half more weeks to go until forty weeks,  though dr. says any time after 37 is fine.  Think Sebastian will want to join us early?!?!?!??!
June 6th, 2001
    Sebastian had his first case of "in-utero" hiccups tonight.  Felt like a very light, rhythmic kick.  So cool to notice such a small thing.  Am starting to really bond with my little boy through his movements and patterns. Unfortunately, he seems pretty nocturnal right now, hope that pattern changes when he decides to join us.
June 11th, 2001
    Second case of "in-utero" hiccups tonight while at my parent's house.  My mom and little sister (who is also pregnant) were able to feel them.  I can also see almost every movement now through my stomach. It's so weird and exciting to watch him roll around and stretch in there. 
June 14th, 2001 
    Started with the weekly doctor appointment this week.  Discussed birth plan, everything looks fine. Am 35 &1/2 weeks today, doc says if I start labor anytime after 36 weeks (Sunday) they will not stop it, Sebastian is fully developed and capable of surviving outside my body
June 17th, 2001 
He got a stuffed bar-b-que stylin' Tigger that wears an apron stating "I'm a Tiggerific Dad" and a Disney Villians hourglass snowglobe.  I think the reality is starting to set in a little more for Daddy now.  He seems to be getting a little nervous.
June 21st, 2001 
    My doctor's appointment today showed that the baby has not dropped, and my body has not yet begun to ready itself for birth.  (not dilated or effaced at all yet) but I guess I can wait a little longer.  Also met with Sebastian's pediatrician this afternoon.  He seems very nice and will be able to examine Sebastian as soon as he is born. 
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