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November 1
3, 2000    
    Went to visit my sister Shelley in New Hampshire who is also pregnant.  Couldn't help but tell her!  Aside from her, the only other people that know are Bridget (my boss) and Vick's friend Chuck.  It's getting harder to keep this exciting news a secret.
November 2, 2000    
      Wow, Just took a home pregnancy test and it finally came back positive!!  We're going to have a baby!!  I can hardly believe it.  It's seems like I've waited forever for this day.  We've decided to wait until Thanksgiving to share the news with our families
November 17, 2000
     Had first Ultrasound.  At five weeks, everything looks good and  they've estimated my due date for July 15th, 2001.
November 23, 2000
     Thanksgiving finally got here and we told everyone in the families, even had the ultrasound picture to show them.  They are all very excited as well.  Can't wait to have a little one running around at the holiday get togethers again.
December 9th, 2000
    Had my first doctor's appointment today at 9 weeks, 5 days.  Vick went with me.  Weight was 112 pounds... we'll see how long that lasts!!  Dr. Shih, my OB/GYN says everything looks fine.  Will try to hear  the baby's heartbeat at the next office visit.  Got paperwork for all the prenatal blood work.
December 25th, 2000
Christmas!!!!  Shelley was home from New Hampshire, and she just starting her third trimester.  She looks great.  Got lots of "baby stuff" for Christmas.  Can't wait to share this special time with our baby next year.
December 3oth, 2000
Start of second trimester (13 weeks).  Haven't gained any weight yet.  Attended Shelley's baby shower.  Lots of jokes about how I'm next.  All the gifts were so tiny and adorable.  I can't wait.  It's so exciting going through this with someone else, especially someone as close as a sister.
January 01, 2001
     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Pretty uneventful holiday for us.  Vick and I spent the evening together in bed.  We watched the Times Square celebration on TV and just relaxed together.  Almost like a nice quiet evening at home.  Guess we'll be getting used to those here soon.
January 11, 2001
    Second doctors appointment today. Vick attended.  Heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time!!! (Got it on tape)  160 beats per minute.  Doctor found it right away and said it sounded very healthy and strong.
February 8-18th, 2001
   Week 18.  Anticipation of feeling the first movements.  This was our big trip to Florida.  We drove down and spent a week in Disney World then went south to a Renaissance. Faire.  Only one of my costumes fit me, and you couldn't tell I was pregnant. It was a blast.
February 21st, 2001  
    Today we have second ultrasound and hopefully find out the gender.  Felt first movements today, but didn't realize what it actually was until a few days later when it kept happening.   Ultrasound says everything is fine and we are PROBABLY having a BOY!!!
March 3rd, 2001
    Week 21 starts tomorrow.  Daddy felt baby move for the first time today.  Also, this marks the big halfway mark of my pregnancy!! 
March 25th, 2001
  Shelley's due date (today) came and went with no excitement.  And I still have over half my pregnancy to go.
April 1st, 2001
  Was supposed to go to Mom & Dad's for Dad's birthday dinner, but they called and Shelley had gone into labor and they were going to leave for New Hampshire to be with her.   Sebastian's will have another cousin very soon!!
April 3rd, 2001
  AAAggghhh, 49 hours later at 5:39 a.m.,  Sequoia Roderick Falcone was born  weighing  9lbs. even and measuring 21.5 inches long.
Both mom and baby are happy and healthy. 
April 15th, 2001   
  Easter Sunday.  Had breakfast with my family, then dinner with Vick's .  After stuffing myself, I flew to New Hampshire to visit Shelley and her new baby.  Two whole days of not  sleeping, diapering, feeding and adoring...a little taste of new parenthood. 
  This is also the start of my THIRD trimester.   So far have gained 18 pounds.
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