First pictures of me
with my  dad's side of the family

This is my Mom and Dad playing with
 me with Dougal the Dragon.

Here are some more pictures of me with my family.  
Some were taken at my house a few days after I came home,
and others taken at my Pop-pop's house when I was 
a couple weeks old


My grandmother on my dad's side
This was when we had the family
over for a crab feast.

This is my Pop-pop on my dad's side
the first time he held me.


This is my Great Aunt Wishie.
She taught me a new song 
about a dog named Jack.

Aunt Wish and Uncle Bob from Michigan.  
They were visiting Maryland and I feel so
lucky to have gotten to spend time with them.

My Aunt Teresa, dad's sister.
She says she's going to spoil me rotten.

This is Uncle Dwayne.  
Doesn't he look happy to meet me?

My cousin Stacelynn.  
Maybe she'll be my baby-sitter
in a few months, she looks like fun.


Me with the whole bunch of them.  
What a great family I have.

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