First pictures of me
with my  mom's side of the family

Above is the first picture taken of me, aren't I a cutie!!!
Below are my wonderful parents.

Here are some of the first pictures taken of me with my family.  
They came to visit me at the hospital when I was born. 

My grandmother on my mom's side
holding me for the first time.
They just can't get enough of me!

This is my granddad on my mom's side.
These two have been fighting over who gets to hold me from the minute I was born.

This is my Aunt Natalie, my mom's little sister.
She better get in some practice, she's
going to give me another cousin at the
 end of the year!!

My Aunt Kim and my cousin Annabella
visiting me in the hospital.

This is my Aunt Shelley, my mom's older sister. She's good at this baby thing,  she just gave me a big cousin, Sequoia, in April.

This is my Great grandmother.
We are so lucky to have four generations
in our family now.

Me with my Dougal, the stuffed dragon.
The first of many of these pictures!!

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